Wednesday, February 8, 2012

RSS meet on J-K sees repeal of Art 370 as only solution

NAGPUR: The RSS believes that three myths perpetrated by anti-India elements over the years and total political neglect by leadership in Delhi has been responsible for the trouble in the northernmost Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

At a two-day national workshop held here to discuss the ongoing J&K crisis, Sangh functionaries from all over the county were told that the festering problems could be tacked starting with repeal of Article 370 which gives special powers that were being misused by the Kashmiri dominated politicians of the state.

In an informal chat on Monday, Arun Kumar, who heads the Jammu-Kashmir Study Centre, said the three myths were: That J&K is a disputed territory, that the Indian government had ever made a promise of referendum on the state's accession to India and that the accession itself was conditional. These are three myths which over the years have been accepted almost as facts by anti-India forces which want Kashmir to be separated from India.

"From all technical angles, Maharaja Hari Singh had unconditionally acceded to dominion of India on October 26, 1947. Under the Indian Independence Act, Hari Singh was the only designate authority to decide on the accession," claimed Arun Kumar. The senior RSS leader said that the leadership in Delhi allowed the spread of this misinformation and misconceptions by a miniscule Sunni community leaders comprising some 100 influential Kashmiri families. As a result the situation worsened over the years.

"Not many are aware that Kashmir Valley makes on 15% of the state's population. Of the total land mass of 1.1 lakh sq km of J&K, 59000 sq km is in Laddakh and 27000 in Jammu region. But a perception has gained ground that Kashmir does not want to stay in India. Far from it, if the state is considered in its entirety there is overwhelming support for India. In fact, the recent Amaranath agitation, for the first time, changed this perception when over 10 lakh people, al patriotic Indian from all communities, participated in the agitation," said the Kashmiri leader.

"Art 370 was a conditional device adopted at that time to extend Indian Constitution in J&K till the disturbance in that state settled down. But it was blatantly misused by Kashmiri Muslims from the valley who dominated the state's politics to circumvent all Indian laws," Arun Kumar said. Even in the Valley only six districts of Baramulla, Sopore, Srinagar (downtown), Anantnag, Sopian and Pampore were fuelling the anti-India sentiments in the Valley.

The RSS leader said withdrawing of Armed Forces Special Powers Act would only help the pro-Pakistani terror groups to regain strength. In the recent times, the separatist terrorism was on ebb and if the government of India handles the situation carefully, the Kashmir problem could be resolved.

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