Monday, August 29, 2011

Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan on RSS

RSS has been the most maligned and most misunderstood organization in India. Its most critics have developed extremely prejudicial views against it mainly from the motivated false propaganda. One such person was Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayana (JP) who had started off with a strong prejudice against RSS in the forties. But his contacts with RSS workers and leaders made him understand RSS in a positive way, and he started appreciating its work and ideology. He was very much impressed when he found during Bihar famine of 1966 that, for relief work, RSS workers collected the most, spent the least on collection and distributed the collections the best. After that his contacts with RSS grew and his misconceptions disappeared. After the emergency, on Nov.3, 1977, JP addressed a huge RSS training camp in Patna. Following are some excerpts from his speech:
"....RSS is a revolutionary organisation. No other organisation in the country comes anywhere near it. It alone has the capacity to transform society, end casteism and wipe the tears from the eyes of the poor. Its very name is 'Rashtriya', that is national. I am not saying this to flatter you. I believe you have a historic role to play.... I have great expectations from this revolutionary organisation which has taken up the challenge of creating a new India. I have welcomed your venture wholeheartedly. Sometimes I have offered you my advice and have even criticised you, but that was as a friend...There is no other organisation in the country which can match you...The RSS should think over this: how to bring about economic transformation? How to transform the villages? All our leaders, including Mahatma Gandhi, have worked for it. You have included Mahatma Gandhi also in your morning prayers and he is indeed worth remembering every morning. This is very good thing you have done. If he had lived a little longer he would have guided us a little more to remove untouchability and other evils from the Hindu society. But the way is clear now and I think that more than myself you can undertake this mission because you are more competent to do it. You think and deliberate upon the various aspects of our traditions, our culture and Dharma constantly."
"This society, its glorious history and the heritage of our forefathers, the sacrifices of the builders of this country and their achievements and the free- dom that we have won - you are the inheritors of it all and it is for you to make the best use of it...Your word has far reaching effect. There is the force of spiritualism and thousands of years of our ancient culture at your back. You are also in the forefront of the transformation that is taking place before our very eyes. The results of this change are also at your disposal...I commend to you the ideals of service, renuncition, sacrifice. I have no doubt that you are already imbued with these ideals and are of self-sacrificing nature and noble conduct. Here is the arena of a vast country open to you. You can accomplish a lot. May God give you strength and may you live up to such expectations."

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