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10 Thousand Youths Participate in ‘Sarhad ko Pranam’ expedition, form human chain at borders

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Ten thousand youth across the Nation participating in ‘Sarhad Ko Pranam’ expedition, visited more than 469villages situated in the border areas and interacted with local people, personnel from security forces and local administration officials. The youth teams have made some crucial observations about the situation on the order. The exercise is currently going on to collect all the data from the participating teams. The observations will soon be made public.
Talking about the experiences, Adv. Shrihari Desai & Gen DB shekatkar remembered a Jawan on the kutchh border asking, “After 1947, India is only giving away our own land to some or the other neighbours. When will this stop?”

Mumbai, November 23 : Forum for Integrated National Security (FINS) organized a novel expedition “Sarhad ko Pranam - 2012” during 19 – 23 November 2012. As part of the expedition, Ten Thousand youths visited the Indian land border areas. FINS national president Gen DB Shekatkar & Secretary Adv. Shrihari Desai addressing a news conference today here, informed about the expedition. They also shared some experiences of the participants at the border.

Adv. Desai said, those youths visited more than 469 villages situated in the border areas & had dialogue with local brethren, militarymen who are guarding the borders with an eagle’s eye & local administration officials. The youth teams made many crucial observations about the situation on the order. An exercise is going on to collect the data on experiences of the participants & observations made by the youth teams about the border areas. Soon the data will be made public by the FINS.

The expedition witnessed the participation of 250 youths from Mumbai & two thousand youth from across the Maharashtra state. The programme was aimed at creating awareness among the youth about the borders of the nation & the situation there, on the occasion of the 50 years of the Chinese aggression of 1962. International land borders situated across the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh, Assom, Tripura, Pashchim Bang, were covered during this programme.
The participating youths got an opportunity to understand the situation at the border during the two days stay at the villages on the border. They talked with the citizens as well as the officials from the local administration and observed the local public-social life. They tried to understand the nature of the problems of the people and the administration & military at the border.

The visiting youth teams successfully conveyed the message to the Military & the citizens living at the border that the people of the nation are with them at the times of any crisis.

The National borders must be secured with utmost care. But the news slipping in from few months  suggest that the borders everywhere are facing eminent danger from the neighbouring enemies. One of the aims of “Sarhad ko Pranam” was to try to awaken the Government & the administration about the situation on the borders.

The FINS takes this opportunity to call upon the Government to take adequate measures to protect & safeguard the Borders of Bharat & make it a safest place.

Human Chain

The visiting teams of the youth along with local citizens at the border & local officials of the  administration formed a human chain on Wednesday, 22nd November and vowed to work together for the National Integration and Security.

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