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Entire world looking towards India with great hope: Sarsanghchalak Mohanji Bhagwat

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Nagpur: To the entire world, India aims to impart the religion that strikes a perfect balance between the individual, society, nature and the Almighty. The world needs this from time to time. At such time, we need to introspect seriously whether we are in a position to give this Indian thought to the entire world. Before giving this most-required Indian thought to the whole world, we should examine whether we are progressing accordingly or not, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Sarsanghchalak Dr Mohanji Bhagwat proposed this while speaking at the programme titled ‘Vishwa, Bharat Aur Hum’ organized by Bharateeya Vichar Manch, North Nagpur recently.

In his detailed and well-focused speech, he elaborated on what should be the Indian thought that repeatedly proves essential for the entire world and the need that has arisen for such thought in the world perspective.

Listening to the best thoughts in the entire world, we should meditate and introspect. However, our entire life, whether personal or social, should be according to the Indian thought itself. Unless we ourselves develop this value towards life, it will not be proper to brief it to the entire world, he said.

Who am I?:

Stating that we should know ourselves, he said, it should be realized that I am not alone. Society, nation and world have a great impact on my life. Hence I should not think just about myself. It is necessary to search the answer for the question “Who am I?”

Scientific progress:

The considerable scientific progress has generated n number of facilities for materialistic pleasure. However, one cannot deny the fact that it has simultaneously created an equal number of problems also. Even if we are roaming in the world of science, the human mind has remained the same. Today, the extremism has reached its peak. The entire world is now thinking to approach India who has a peace history of 3,000 years. After spending a number of years in search of complete and eternal truth, the world is now looking towards India with a great hope, he said.

Due to modern scientific progress, development and environment are now at loggerheads. Highlighting that the Indian way of thinking is an effective way to avoid this conflict, he said that all the activities in the world should be according to the co-ordination and not by contract. Scientific progress has triggered the greed inside the human beings that has resulted in the exploitation of nature. Every minute particle in this universe is dependent upon the other. This principle was proposed by India. Hence we have to achieve our progress while nurturing the nature. This vision is embedded in the Indian thought.

Lack of vision:

All the thinkers of the world are looking towards India with a great hope. The entire world has a full faith towards Indian thought except us. The reason behind this is the present situation, he said. Such situation has arisen due to the narrow and selfish attitude of Indian political leaders and policy makers. Today the problems prevailing in India and along the Indian borders have arisen due to the mistakes of Indian people themselves. Our leaders lack nationalistic vision. After getting independence, every nation in this world decides its own goal (vision document). We have not even done that also. Hence, after Independence, we did not even find the path towards which we should march. Because of the selfish attitude and improper vision of our political leaders, in spite of all strength, India is being recognized as ‘backward’ on the entire world map.

Harmony for unity:

The entire responsibility to transform this lies with us only because India is ours. We should first think of erecting the nation that will serve as a guiding force for the entire world. For this, first of all, we will have to change ourselves. What we think of ourselves? should be first answered by us. “We all are Indians” this should be the everybody’s answer. In spite of diversity, we will have to be united. For that, we will have to be equal and for equality, harmony is a must, he said.

Do we love each and every tiny particle that belongs to our motherland? Do we love the water, forest, land and animals that belong to nation? Are we the successors of our forefathers’ bravery? When this nationalism will reflect in our conduct, we will be able to transform our fate.

Unity is truth:

The differences that exhibit in the Indian society are not true; unity is the truth. This should be revealed by us. Even though we have accepted democracy, our nature should also become democratic. The problems of today’s date are very shallow. Just go deeper and listen to the vibrations of this motherland. 60 per cent of the Indian society still reveals unity in diversity. There is a need to understand ‘that’ India. Education and development should reach those sections. Downtrodden and underprivileged sections should be uplifted. Spend your time and money for this noble work. More such people dedicated towards this cause will be there in the society, more early the nation will be uplifted from all these problems. Under such circumstances also, we will taste success. India will become strong and once this is achieved, none of the other nations need to fear because strengthening of India is for the well-being of the world itself, he said.

Bharateeya Vichar Manch, North Nagpur co-ordinator Dr Satyaprakash Mangtani along with Vajrabodhi Meshram were present on the dais. Rahul Gajbhiye compeered the programme whereas Alka Sherkule sung solo song in the beginning.

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