Friday, November 4, 2011

RSS and Shia leaders vow to keep away influencing caste and communal factors from elections

Source: Newsbharati

Lucknow, 31 October: RSS ideologue KS Sudarshan and prominent Shia cleric Kalbe Sadiq have shared a similar line of thinking to keep away the caste and communal factors which affect and influence the electoral process in India.  

The two leaders talked about changes in the electoral system which can keep away caste and communal factors from influencing elections. The meeting was organised by the Muslim Rashtriya Manch at Lukhnow on Sunday.

After the meeting, former RSS chief, KS Sudarshan, proposed inclusion of a provision in the electoral system that a candidate securing more than 50% vote should be declared elected. In case, he said, there is no such candidate; a re-polling should be held within a week in which only first and second position holders should be allowed to contest. This, he added, will provide voters to select one of the two based on merit and not on caste or communal appeal.

Shia cleric and vice-president All India Muslim Personal Board Kalbe Sadiq said that caste and faith of the candidate should not form the criterion of voting.

It is the duty of a voter, irrespective of caste and religion, to elect a honest person, he said. Patriotism demands that a muslim should not vote for a dishonest muslim candidate and same applies for Hindus and other communities said Sadiq.

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