Friday, December 2, 2011

Sarsanghachalak in Bengal: Don’t Weaken the Country in the Name of Religious Festivals

Festival season is almost over. The forthcoming Christmas festival will put an end to this for the year 2011. In Paschimbanga (This new name of the state has been recently adopted by the state government) it all started with Viswakarma Puja in the month of September and in between there were Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Deepavali, Chhat Puja, Id-uz-Zoha etc were performed. These festivals have undoubtedly a great role to play as they create and embolden the sense of unity and solidarity among the people.
Unfortunately every year, a group of people try to disturb the solemn atmosphere of unity and brotherhood. There is no exception this year as well. This has been noticed throughout Paschimbanga. There are pockets of Muslim concentration and these are the places where even local police stations have been attacked and ransacked, police vehicles have been put on fire, furnitures have been destroyed and police personnel from Sub Inspector down to constables have been brutally beaten. Eight of them had to be hospitalised because of serious injuries.
This incident had taken place on October 23, 2011 at Kulpi police station in South 24 Parganas district which is around 70 kms away from Kolkata. Attackers were all Muslims. But as they have changed their political allegiance from CPM to TMC, the so called secular newspapers report the incident in such a way as if TMC members had attacked the police station. Fact remained that it was all manipulated by the Muslims with extremely communal motive. The ruling TMC government had to swallow the bitter pill as they are driven by some other political compulsions. About 30,000 Muslims attacked Kulpi police station. It is just an example of communal belligerence on the part of Muslims.
As stated by scared police personnel in the ill-fated area, no stone was left unturned to harass the entire police force stationed in the area and telephone connections were also severed to make this on rush perfect. It is worthwhile to mention, NH (National Highway) 117 was also blocked for hours (during operation) by the Muslim crooks flaunting deadly weapons. Actually this has become a pattern of recent movements by Muslims.
It is already mentioned that although Muslim population constitute around 39 per cent in the total population of the South 24 Parganas district. But there are pockets where they are more than 80 per cent. But the following villages Kanderpur, Ramnagar-Gazipur, Kanchanipara, Hellagachi, Berandari, and Ramjan Nagar etc. constitute cent per cent Muslim population.
Why this onslaught? It must be stated, that the aforesaid villages along with other Hindu-dominated villages of Uttar Narayanpur and Gomukhberia, PS Kulpi have been remaining prime targets of Islamic fundamentalist approaches for months. Above all, it is becoming difficult for Hindu women, of any age, in these areas, turning into subjects of  Islamic lewdness more and more, to live here with dignity. Only a few days back, a  similar incident broke out in Gomukhberia, leading to a strong outcry among Hindus in the environs. It is being assumed the attack on October 23, 2011 at dead of night was premeditated, to avenge the earlier defeat. This defeat had taken place when an untoward incident having involvement of an armed gang of Islamic felons daring to invade the Hindu village of Jeliabati, PS Kulpi on October 23 at dead night to harm Hindu households, its womenfolk in particular, resulting into seizure of three of them red handed and death of two Muslim criminals and sinking condition of the third one following (later, he was also succumbed to his injury) following a public outrage.
It is customary with RSS work that they fix up the programme of its Sarsanghchalaks much earlier than the actual date of programme.  In this case, the visit of Param Pujaniya Sarsanghchalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat to Canning, a sub divisional headquarter of South 24 Paraganas on November 6, 2011 was fixed up some eight months ago. The condition of his visit as put up by the Dakshin Banga prant adhikaries of RSS that they have to establish 125 shakhas (branches) covering at least 125 villages in that area. Accordingly police and administrative permissions for the function have been taken. Mohanji was to visit different areas of Sundarbans on the next day (Nov. 7). It could not be ascertained for certain that Muslims had organised that incident of attack of police station with a view to stop the visit of the RSS  Sarsanghachalak. But the fact remains that all of a sudden police had started contacting district RSS leaders either to postpone or to cancel the programme of Shri Mohanji. They wanted to withdraw the permission given by them to hold the function of the RSS Sarsanghachalak saying as next day (November 7) is Bakr-e-Eid day they cannot take the risk. District RSS leaders said that they would not accept the withdrawal of the permission. If administrative authority insists on this kind of illegal withdrawal, they would hold the function without their permission.
Atmosphere had become very much tensed. The arguments put forward by the RSS leaders were very clear and they argued that whatever police is saying about RSS function is a insult for a democratic organisation like RSS. They took exception with the police attitude to equate them with Islamic organisation. Ultimately, Additional Superintendent of Police for the district had intervened and allowed the function to be held with their prior schedule. 
It was a grand function of one thousand eight hundred uniformed swayamsevaks with a congregation of 12 thousand villagers including about three women and they had come from more than 800 villages which were surrounded by rivers and forests. It was declared in the function that the local RSS had promised to start 125 shakhas covering 125 villages and that promise had been kept with one short of the promised figure. Nevertheless the enthusiasm and the organised effort to make Hindus alert about the current situation is an inescapable scenario. The message dished out by the RSS Sarsanghachalak was vibrant and eloquent and people outside the Sangha got it rightly that answer to Muslim menace is strong and self reliant organised force of Hindus.
Shri Mohanji said that Hindu is the name of the nationality of this country. It is a way of life. It is not at all a parochial thinking. There are many Upasana Paddhatis (forms of worship) in our country. They all are covered in Hinduism. He had mentioned about the 40,000 years old DNA test report of the Indo-Iranian Plate which is spread from Afghanistan  to Myanmar and Himalayas to Kanyakumari revealed by a scientist group based in England, which said that the origin of the people of this area is one and indivisible. The truth of our national integration lies there.
By Asim Kumar Mitra 

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