Sunday, October 2, 2011

Centre lacks will to fight external and internal threats - RSS warns against granting more concessions to J&K

Interacting with intellectuals of Jammu during his five day visit in J&K, RSS Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat said the Kashmir problem was not confined only to the people of the state.
Terming the Kashmir problem as a national issue, RSS Sarsnghachalak Mohan Bhagwat warned against giving more concessions to the state. He outrightly rejected the demand to restore the pre-1953 position or granting greater autonomy to the state and also rejected the proposal of self-rule.
“It is a national issue and we have to keep the national perspective in mind while looking for a solution to this problem,” he said and announced that the RSS, along with other nationalist organisations, would create awareness among the people against any such move.

In an obvious reference to statements of Union Home Minister P Chidambaram, in which he had termed the Kashmir issue as a “unique problem”, the RSS sarsanghachalak termed such statements as a reflection of “political selfishness”.
He said the RSS would not allow the government to compromise with the integrity of the nation. “The accession of the state with India is final,” he added.
 Appealing the people to maintain unity in their rank and file irrespective of caste, creed and region, he 
said once people are united no one can harm the nation and detractors will never succeed in their designs.
Asserting that RSS stands for one Constitution, one Prime Minister and one flag, he justified the 1953 Praja Parishad Movement against Do Nishan, Do Pradhan and Do Vidhan. He said that a nationwide movement will be launched against the two flags and two Constitutions in J&K while after launching movement in 1953 nationalist forces succeeded in abolition of separate post of Prime Minister for the State. But the battle for other two demands will continue, he added.

Maintaining that Kashmir is our internal problem Shri Bhagwat said it is a great human tragedy that lakhs of Hindu minorities and other nationalist people were forced to leave Kashmir by the militants and the separatists.
“The discrimination against Jammu and Ladakh should be stopped by making some institutional arrangements,” he said, adding that the return of the displaced Kashmiri Pandits to their native places was their fundamental right. Asserting that these people will return to their homes and hearths with honour and dignity, he said entire nation is with them and their cause.
He said Kashmir belongs to India and those who try to challenge India’s sovereignty over Kashmir are living in fool’s paradise.
Maintaining that Hinduism teaches universal brotherhood as we believe in “Vasudev Kutumbakam” he said history is a witness that we have never harmed any one. But at the same time have never allowed any one to browbeat or challenge us.
As the participants sought his reaction to the alleged involvement of a few RSS men in militancy, Shri Bhagwat denied all such allegations and alleged that a vicious campaign had been launched against the organisation for petty political gains.
“The Union Government will have to pay a heavy price for launching malicious campaign against the RSS,” he said. “Those arrested for their alleged involvement in militancy have no relations with the RSS,” he added.
“Unity among differents religions in India is possible only through Hindutva which is a way of life; stands for humanism, tolerance and brotherhood said  Sarsanghchalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat, while addressing the swayamsevaks at Jammu. He also maintained that only a strong Hindu India could fight all threats being faced by the country.
Shri Bhagwat said it is only Hindu way of life, which has allowed every religion, caste, creed and culture to flourish and never interfered in the matters of others while the same is not possible outside India. Referring to China, which has forcibly captured Tibet, he said China’s cultural invasion is increasing on Tibet and Tibetans are being converted into minority.
He pooh-poohed those forces which were dreaming that India will disintegrate by instigating one community against the other. Dr Bhagwat said “those who think so are living in fool’s paradise’’. Quoting the renowned Indian poet and thinker Dr Rabindranath Tagore, he said during the communal clashes in Bengal Tagore had said same thing to Britishers that by instigating Muslims against Hindus they can’t succeed in disintegrating India.
He said Hindu India is an ancient civilisation and if it disintegrates then entire world will automatically get disintegrated.
“Though no force inimical to India can disintegrate the country, we are unable to wipe off the weaknesses, which reflect through the political set up in the country, which is more obsessed with the power,” he said.
Shri Bhagwat felt that time had come for a social transformation to affect changes and at the same time recognise heroes of national character to make India strong.
Speeking on the Sachar Committee report, Shri Bhagwat said that the report was committed to the communal agenda, seeking sanction in a democratic country and maintained that as soon as Muslims give up their hardliner approach the Sangh will backtrack from opposing the report.
On the recent Communal Violence Bill, he said that it was rife with serious ramifications and had been mooted only to keep India divided along majority and minority lines. Its connotations are dangerous and aimed at breaking India, he said, adding that there was no need to bring in such a Bill, he said.
Expressing grave concern over China threatening India and tampering with the borders, RSS Shri Mohan Bhagwat accused the Centre of lacking the will to fight external and internal threats.
He said it was unfortunate that the government has neither shown the will nor determination to fight the internal threats, terrorism, nor put an end to the tampering with our borders by the neighbouring countries, be it Pakistan, China or Bangladesh. He said that there are intrusions from across the borders, infiltration is taking place and the boundaries have not been demarcated which is bad for the nation. “We are direct victims of infiltration from across the borders,” he added.
He, in particular, referred to the emerging threat from China. “China is threatening us. It is tampering with our borders”, Bhagwat said in the backdrop of reports that Chinese troops had intruded into Indian Territory in their choppers and dismantled Indian bunkers in Churmur area of Ladakh in August without being challenged at any stage.
Referring to the corruption, Naxalism and Maoism, he said all aspects should be resolved through one prism—a strong Hindu India.
“We are sufferers of these issues which need only one solution - a united, strong Hindu India,” he said.
“What is more disturbing is the way China-Pakistan friendship has consolidated and flourished to the extent that Pakistan is now daring the US to part ways if it wanted that way”, he said, alleging that the Government has totally failed.
He said instead of losing heart by facing the problems, we should exert, fight them to find their solution and added that Sangh is performing a remarkable role in propagating the ancient Indian way of life and strengthening the country. The Swayamsevaks think entire nation as  their motherland instead of only their place of birth, village, region of State and they are propagating the same. 

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