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“Conspiratorial Anti-national mentality working behind Communal Violence Bill drafting”: RSS Sarsanghachalak

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RSS Sarsanghachalak Dr. Mohan Bhagvat
RSS Sarsanghachalak Dr. Mohan Bhagvat

Nagpur, October 6: In his most awaited annual speech at Vijayadashami ceremony of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, RSS Sarsanghachalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat rejected the proposed Communal and Targeted Violence Bill saying that it is a ‘deceitful action of destructive mind and distorted ideology aimed at destroying the social harmony thus violating the spirit of our constitution.’ RSS Chief slammed the draft saying that Anti-national conspiratorial mentality working behind Communal Violence Bill drafting.

The Vijayadashami ceremony of the RSS is a prominent occasion where Sarsanghachalak's address is expected to give an ideological direction to Sangh workers and reflect on the course the saffron fountainhead would take in the coming year. Retired JNU professor and Hindi scholar Narendra Kohli was the chief guest of this year ceremony. Main ceremony started after the parade of RSS volunteers reached to Reshimbagh ground.  

In his address, RSS Chief mentioned various issue. He slammed the rejection of symbols of patriotism such as “Vandemataram” and ‘Bharatmata” and gummies to gain cheap popularity can never be tolerated in any national movement. It is necessary to keep away from those tendencies and forces existing in the so-called minorities that pander to the narrow, fanatic and separatist ideas, he insisted.
Insensitive Government

Bhagwat thrashed the Government for death of Raj bala, a peaceful demonstrator succumbing severe injuries due to the police attack. How this could happen in independent India and by our own Government, he asked.

Neighboring nations

RSS Chief assumed that all neighboring nations of India were a part ‘Akhand bharat’ and that they are ‘Our people’. He reminded that India shares cultural relations with all those nations and we should consolidate those relations.

Expressing concerns over China spreading its hands around Gilgit-Baltistan in the northern area of Jammu Kashmir, RSS Chief condemned India’s security policy. He said that Indian diplomacy has not grasped the geopolitical importance of this northern part of Bharat wherein meet the boundaries of six nations and have allowed the region to be victimised by the aggressors. Terrorists are instigated to infiltrate and disturbance is created in Jammu and Kashmir at the behest of Pakistan, charged Bhagwat.

Thrashing the proposed Communal and Targeted Violence Bill

Thrashing the proposed Communal and Targeted Violence Bill Sarsanghachak said that Majority of its members have categorically and strongly opposed the proposed bill in the National Integration Council in its recent meeting held on September 10, 2011 and that the Prime Minister has promised to put forward a revised draft for discussion.

Questioning the constitutional status of the National Advisory Council, RSS Chief said that, “The chairperson of NAC is also the President of the leading party of the ruling coalition, the United Progressive Alliance (UPA). One may ask as to how such a draft bill that can cause permanent civil disturbances and strife in the country could be prepared under her leadership.”

Bhagwat pointed out that some of the members of the NAC are under a cloud and their integrity has been questioned by the highest court of the land. Whether our country is run by our Cabinet or by such elements with a distorted and antinational mind, he asked.

Bhagwat commented that the proposed legislation seeks to destroy the federal structure and contemptuously disregards the rights of the States giving absolute power to the Centre to dismiss a State Government on mere allegation.

Terming the draft Bill ‘absolutely anti democracy’, Bhagwat said that it provides wide ranging powers to a body that will leave everyone, including the chief minister of the state to the level of an ordinary employee cowering under fear of suspension and behave like puppets. This goes against the basic principles of public administration. Is it not an attempt to clamp a permanent emergency on the people of the country through a backdoor, he asked.

Analyzing the proposed Communal and Targeted Violence Bill, Bhagwat mentioned that the legislation gives power to implicate any person, his organisation or party or Government through a mere allegation.  RSS Chief said that it is unethical to the concept of justice. The mention of imaginary crimes such as ‘mental torture’ clarifies that the anti-justice, anti-democracy and anti-constitutional legislation is a product of perverted minds.

RSS Sarsanghachalak appealed the Parliament and the Government not to allow this draft bill even for discussion in any form and should summarily discard it. RSS Chief completely rejected the draft bill saying that the legislation represents a total negation of national interests.

Sarsanghachalak also flayed the economic policy. He stated that the lack of clear vision and perspective
is also reflected in the economic policies and activities of the country. He criticised the insensitiveness of the Government saying that Common person is suffering due to economic policy of the Government regarding the Government is busy in discussing who is Poor and what is poverty and alleged that it is killing farmers for occupying land in the name of SEZ. Now the Multinationals will feed us vegetables and not the farmer of this nation, commented Bhagvat.

During his speech, RSS Chief commented on issues like situation in the north east region of India, terrorism but his main focus was on the proposed Communal and Targeted Violence Bill.

RSS Chief insisted that organised good people and spirited society is the key solution for current situation of the Nation. He appealed that the RSS volunteers should realise this responsibility and apply themselves to this work with full vigour and enthusiasm and discharge our duty in keeping our society united and harmonious with full confidence that our truthful path will prevail.

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